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Why do we give guests wedding favours?

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Wedding favours have developed over many years. Originally called Bonbonnieres, they were given to guests as a symbol of good luck and to show the wealth of the family. Sugar cubes were used, as sugar was expensive, however, as it became more affordable, sugar almonds became the popular choice.

The tradition came from Italy, where five almonds covered with various coloured candy were always used. The number five is indivisible and this was said to symbolise a strong, unbreakable bond between the newly married couple. Each almond has its own specific meaning; health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. These almonds were completed by wrapping them in tulle netting and ribbon.

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Favours are given as a small token of appreciation from the couple for sharing their special day. They are usually part of the table decoration and are often colour co-ordinated with the theme of the day.

It is often advised that you choose something that represents something special to you. That can be something useful, like a favourite scented candle or a miniature spirit that you particularly like.

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